Does my solution have to be cloud-based?

No it doesn’t. Some clients prefer their solution to be deployed on their own intranet for security reasons. Some clients want a small solution for themselves that may only be used by a few people or even just themselves.

What sort of costs can I expect?

As you can imagine solutions vary so much it is difficult to be precise until we know more about your needs. But as an example, a showcase website for a small 1-5 person business can start from as little as £1500.

Do call us for a no hassle chat about your project. We’re here to help.

Am I expected to pay upfront for development?

No. We start with staged quotes where the stages only get billed once they are completed. This spreads the costs evenly throughout the project.

Is it easy to add sections to my solution?

It is easy at the beginning but harder later into the process. During the planning stage we try to look into your future to imagine what you could need. We will suggest sections that you may not have thought of as necessary. Even if these sections are not used straight away we like to plan for them as it can be a little more difficult to add larger sections later. But we do accommodate changes as the development progresses. It is the nature of development that new ideas occur during the process and we accept that. We don’t usually charge for minor additions. If we are maintaining your site and server(s) we make small changes within this maintenance contract.

What can you build for me?

We could build you a simple website that is mobile friendly and showcases your business, with or without a shopping part.

Or we could build you a complex project management site for your staff or yourself with or without a financial part to enable you to export data for importing into your current accounts package. Depending on your accounting package we could build an API to do this directly.

We could add a client login area for your clients to see how their project is coming along if relevant to your business.

We have provided solutions for one-person businesses just setting up, but also we have provided solutions for larger companies with over 3000. We like to say we adapt yo you rather than the other way around.

What about training staff to use our solution?

If your site is relatively complex we can provide walk-thru videos or PDF’s with step-by-step guides. We try to design solutions that are intuitive to use but with increased complexity comes the need for explanations. We provide ‘i’ information boxes on the data entry sections and pop-up warning boxes so a lot can be achieved without the need for lengthy manuals.

I'm a one-person business, can I afford you?

Yes. We work with single person businesses and larger groups. All sites are important to us and we develop all on an equal basis.

Do you use out-of-the-box Project Management solutions?

Not as a rule. We use either Craft CMS or Filemaker to customise a Management solution. We have found that the data needs of clients are usually quite different and out-of-the-box solutions end up being costly to develop. Sometimes WordPress can be an answer as an out-of-the-box solution if your data needs are suitable.

How will my quote be worked out?

Generally we break the costs into Solution Design (initial phase with some working ideas), Solution Development (programming), Deployment (final installation for going ‘live’), Server/Hosting/Security requirements, Maintenance. You may not need all of these so it’s easy to add or drop items as you progress. You will find out quote system neat and understandable.

Do I have to maintain my site or servers?

You can if you want to but we are ready to maintain your site and servers. You can pass your site updates to us or you can do this yourself.

I need a number of solutions, can you help?

Yes. Some clients need not only a website to showcase their business but a Project Management solution that allows them to manage their projects. That’s where we come in.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes we have business insurance that covers our work for you. We are also happy to sign Non Disclosure Agreements if necessary.