Our approach

We divide our approach into these clear areas.

Planning – we work closely with you to produce an agreed but flexible and modular Plan. It’s never easy to see into the future and know exactly how your business will develop but we aim to produce modular systems that can grow with you.

Navigation – it goes without saying that a site (complex or simple) should be easy to navigate. This is absolutely essential. We work with you until we fully understand your business needs before code is written. That way the development time and cost can be kept to minimum.

User Interface – the Design and look of a site is important. It must do the job but with a bit of flair too. We also have experience in all design aspects which helps greatly.

Development – programming the initial phase and being able to show a working model early means that any ambiguities or misunderstanding can be ironed out quickly and cleanly.

Testing – this needs time and good quality data. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of testing. It is the only way to find out if the site is really going to deliver what you want.

Security – this is of paramount importance these days. We take all precautions to ensure the security of your site. We use many types of security, both in software and development techniques and will recommend best practices for you if you decide to maintain your own site.

GDPR – we will suggest ways to make your site GDPR compliant if you have customers creating accounts and logging on.

SEO – search engine optimisation (if your site is public). An important feature for sites that want to enlarge their digital footprint and bring more custom to their site. We work closely on full optimisation to give your site the best presence on the web.

Stats and Reports – these come as standard for you so you know how well your site is performing and what visitors are looking at.

Maintenance – depending on your site needs, we provide full maintenance and back ups. It’s no problem if you want to do this yourself though.