Which solution is for you?

You may want a straightforward, mobile friendly website to showcase your business. Or you may want to be able to add and update data on your own website. However simple or complex your needs are we have a solution for you.

We use three types of software solution currently. Each has it’s own merits. However if you are currently using something else such as ASP.NET we can organise a suitable developer to work with us. We believe it’s not just the programming software you use but the thinking before programming starts that counts.

What our clients say

Our site started from one page initially but has grown to be much larger than we envisaged. I can always rely on Hummingbird to think outside the box. They are great at thinking from our point of view and what we need – we work very well with them.

tRIIO Strategic Partnership (M. Wernham)

I needed a web-based solution for a large number of our staff to manage their projects with my department on line, placing orders and re-ordering projects and checking on progress. It needed thorough planning beforehand and Hummingbird worked very closely with me on this . They will always go the extra mile to think what is best for us, which is a great quality for developers to have.

Brunel University of London (R. Mitchell)

I asked for a simple but quality website in a hurry. Hummingbird delivered on time and within budget. I don’t have time to update my site but I can email new projects into the site and hey presto! They appear.

(S. Portsmouth)

WordPress is a more out-of-the-box solution with more than 25% of the World’s websites powered by it. There are many suitable plug-ins that will enable you to run a shopping site or mailing lists etc. WordPress suits smaller sites where large data management isn’t so key. It suits informative, creative sites that showcase a business. We do not bespoke WordPress quite as much because we prefer to use Craft if your needs are suitable. Development time with WordPress is fast and with a little training you can edit your own site if you want to.

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Craft CMS is a truly slick CMS system. It can be tailored more exactly to your needs than WordPress and has some great security features. It is also more attuned to developers than WordPress so if you are planning larger developments then this would be a good way to go. Craft uses fast Twig templating code and allows for designing individual CMS user interfaces that are relevant to you, your staff and/or your clients.

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Filemaker is a platform to easily create custom apps that manage: Contacts, Invoices, Projects, Content, Inventory, Events, Assets and so on. It is extremely versatile and suits some solutions better than std CMS systems as you design the data entry system to meet your needs perfectly. It comes with the benefit of a mobile app too called Filemaker Go which reduces the costs developing a specific Android or iOS app. Filemaker can be used for many complex database functions and serves up a front end on the web or using Filemaker’s own software which is very reasonably priced. There are reasons why this can work best for some companies, especially if they are already using a Filemaker solution. It often sits behind a firewall and can be easily designed for mobile as well.

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